After discovering the world for many years on a motorcycle, and worked as a diving instructor in many different places, I was faced with a serious misfortune in 2009.
Only three percent of all people in the world have a tumor on their brain stem, and I am one of them. see more

Vom Pflegefall Zum Globetrotter Auf Dem Rad

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Desert of Nevada May 2014

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I truly believe, that when a person sets new goals, that a form of self-recovery is possible.


This blog was created from the idea to let the world out there know the experiences I encountered with my sudden sickness.


Since Autumn 2013, I have posted my cycling tours on the facebook site at Berlin Bike Tour.


Seit meinem Gang an die Öffentlichkeit ist einiges passiert.
Vorträge, Fernsehberichte, Talks, Auftritte bei Messen und natürlich Berichte in Zeitungen und Zeitschriften.


I gave my first lectures from 2003-2009 about my old passion-diving. Since January 2014 I have been giving other lectures. In these presentations I show some of my thousands of pictures from all of my bike trips, present bike paths in Germany, give advice for world cyclists...



Um weiterhin Touren unbeschwert unter das Zeichen von “Hilfe für andere” stellen zu können benötige auch ich Hilfe. Aktuell habe ich ein Crowdfunding eingerichtet bei dem ihr mich unterstützen könnt.

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